What aspects about a career as a cpa and/or in public accounting seem appealing or unappealing?

Audit Career Assignment – Due Nov 6, 2022 by 11:59pm. 6 points
Submit your paper using the link on BlackBoard
Visit https://www.discoveraudit.org/
Find the box entitled “Adventures in Audit” (lower left) and click on “Learn More”
Click on “Choose your Path”
There are 7 people for you to view. Click on each person to learn more about their career path.
Go back to https://www.discoveraudit.org/
To the right of the “Adventures in Audit” box, there is a box entitled “MYTH FACT”
Click through the arrows in this box to learn 10 myths and facts about being an auditor.
At the very top of the Discover Audit page, there is “Students” link. Hover over the link and then select “College” from the dropdown list. Read through the page and watch the 2 short videos. There are 7 links (in light blue) to short documents that give more information about this career path. Read through each of these documents.
Go back to https://www.discoveraudit.org/
In the FIND YOUR ROAD section, click on the “Check it out” box. Click on the blue link “share your road” on the next page and watch the three featured stories.
Required: Write a two-page (double-spaced) paper summarizing what you learned from these readings and videos. These two questions are required:
1. Did your perceptions about CPAs and the profession change? If so, how?
2. What aspects about a career as a CPA and/or in public accounting seem appealing or unappealing?
Here are some additional ideas of questions you might want to consider. (You do not have to answer all of these questions, and you can write other thoughts to reach the two-page requirement.)
• What are some career paths for CPAs?
• What is the daily life like for a CPA?
• Describe skills necessary to be successful in the profession. How can a CPA obtain these skills?
• What items from the readings surprised you?
• What are your thoughts about the actual career paths of the real auditors highlighted in the readings?
Other Information: You will be graded on grammar and content. Use 12-point font and 1” normal margins. Your name and any header should not take up more than 1 line total.