Which do you think is the most ethical?

Answer the following questions. Use complete sentences, paraphrases, and quotes to support your answers when appropriate. Remember to include citations.
What other actions could the nurse have taken? Which do you think is the most ethical?
What is the role of the medical residents in this case? Please be sure to analyze their ethical implications.
What is the role of the nurse supervisor? Please be sure to analyze the supervisor’s role in terms of ethics.
In the case study, Dr. Morales felt that he had done nothing wrong and he never did anything harmful to a research subject. Why do you think he feels his actions were justified? What are some circumstances where you feel that not notifying the research subject about her or his participation in a study would be justified?
Some of the pregnant women in this case study were subjected to five or six amniocentesis. Why do you think they never questioned the number of procedures they were receiving?
Why didn’t any other nurses or hospital personnel blow the whistle on these unethical practices? What prevents whistle-blowing?
Your total responses should be no longer than two pages long. Include a title page and a reference list. You must cite and reference your textbook. Remember to always cite your sources using APA Style.