Write your “leadership autobiography” in which you reflect on your past and pre

Write your “leadership autobiography” in which you reflect on your past and present leadership experiences. Do not submit your life story, this only pertains to your leadership experiences. Refer to Chapter 1, Introduction, page 11, Table 1.2 Six Bases of Power (French & Raven, 1962). Use each of the powers in your narrative by applying them to your leadership experiences. (Position power(such as legitimate, reward, coercive, and information) and personal power (referent and expert)
Answer the following questions in your narrative: What people have had a significant impact on you? What leadership traits do they possess? Did these traits impact your leadership style and how?
APA is always double space, no more no less. Do not underline, use headings to separate ideas so your paper flows, and bold them. The title page must have a header and page number. The Center of the title page has information based on APA 7th edition. Don’t forget the References page. If you list a reference, it must also appear as an in-text citation and vice versa. Never use the words “Works Cited” as your heading on the References page. Use the word “References”. Refrain from using the following phrases when writing most academic papers: “I believe” “In my opinion” “I think” “I”. The reason you use references is so you can write about what has been researched, this information has validity, your opinion does not. Use headings to take the reader from one point to another. Remember the reader has no idea what each of the Powers is about. If an assignment refers to a particular theory and states the author, you must cite the author in your paper and also list it on the References page. Every paragraph should contain an in-text citation unless it is totally and originally your own words. If you do not include the in-text citation it could be considered plagiarism.

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