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Assessment instructions 1. Read the Background note 2. Choose either Scenario 1 or 2 to write up 3. Read your chosen scenario carefully 4. Your task is to write A report for your manager int,trIP I iHrr. below I ‘,orru• important factors you must address in your respour,es at the bottom of the p,weBackground note According to J.R. Hackman et ,i1 their Art: four conditiOrr. 111,11 foster team effectiveness’ • Provide teams with di►e( lions that aie Coo,r’1″r’r+ted el” clear • Create a structure (task, composition and noini..) that promote’, rompetit iv” teamwork • Tune the organisational systems (rewards, and informational) so that they support teams in their work • Provide hands-on coaching that helps teams take advantage of their favourable rwrformance circumstances. (Source: J. R. Hackman, Leadinq Teams Setting the Routfor Greot_estheMES1) “grv°rd Business Press, 2002Scenario 1You have recently accepted an employment position as the team leader of distribution with a large, high profile DVD rental organisation. The organisation imports DVDs for distribution to its many franchised stores in Australia.The members of your team are from different backgrounds and with differing levels of expertise Their ages range from 17 to 64.Your manager informed you during a PDP interview that productivity has not been up to standard Your initial investigation shows that there is no teamwork within your ‘team’.Scenario 2 In your current role you either lead or are part of a ‘team’. Your manager has notified you that the performance has been less than satisfactory with many tasks remaining unfinished at the end of each day. Also, complaints have been received from customers about poor levels of service and the unhelpful attitude of the staff.Most of the team are casuals who work a variety of shifts. None of the team seems to be interested in what is happening around them, or inclined to help others when things are busy. The manager called you in to give you warning that performance and image must be improved

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