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FINAL ASSESSMENT RECORD— Student’s Name 3 ei,,,rw’r Assessor’s Name lin : Qualification 1351351107 Diploma of I’Vl.m.tm►metttc-fr).„,totry,Level 2, 16-18 Wentworth Street, ParrarnN;aatta, N 150 Phone No• (02) 9687 0620 ray. No (02) 96 59 IR to 91683) (t PiCOS Provider 031950) AEON 24 136 S 506 i ,,,,,,I ,,,f00Thivir rigid ,,, Web ,,,,,, avt(M-p .-,s,Unit Name BSBWORSO2A t n%tite 1p,tun ff►ctivene(.%Assessment 1 Business ScenarioAssessment 2 Written Activities—1 Assessment 3 Short answer exam Competency Demonstrdted: U Yes U N’. U Competent Li Not Yet Competent U Re-Assessment RequiredCompetency Demon•trdtedFINAL RE SUIT Student ID No.Date LI Yes U NoCompetency Demonstrated: U Yes U NoFinal ResultFeedback to Student: Student signature and declaration. Assessor’s signature and declaration.Student SignatureDate: 3 I fany performance in this assessment has been discussed and explained to me ❑ I would like to appeal the result of this assessmentI hereby certify that the above student has been assessed by me and the assessment was carried out as per AVLC Policies and Procedures.Assessor Signature Sheet Date:

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