Can comprehend only social conversation spoken slowly and with frequent repetitions.

You are responsible for creating a phoneme and scaffolded lesson plan based on the language profile of the ELL Moses. The lesson plan should focus on teaching a phoneme based on subject-specific content Reading. The lesson plan should be grade-appropriate and include modifications and accommodations for the assigned ELL.
Student Profile: Watch video to understand who your ELL is ”” Grade Levl 1 | Student Oral Language Observation “Level 2”
Moses Comprehension: Has great difficulty following what is said. Can comprehend only social conversation spoken slowly and with frequent repetitions.
Moses Fluency: Usually hesitant often forced into silence by language limitations
Moses Vocabualry: Misue of words and very limited but comprehension quite difficult
Moses Pronuniciation: Very hard to understand because of pronuniciation problems. Must frequently repeat in order to make him/herself understand.
Moses Grammer: Grammer and word order errors make comprehension difficult. Must often rephrase and/or resrtict him/herself to basic problems
Please use the Lesson Plan Format in “the attched files” to complete the course work. Find your standard at
Things to remeber when completing lesson plan:
1. The lesson plan must include a phoneme.
2. The lesson plan must be tailored to the language level, first language, and grade level of the ELL profile.
3. The lesson plan must have a measurable content and language objective.
4. The lesson plan must include content-related standards for teaching ELLs.
5. The lesson plan must include steps to lower the affective filter and increase comprehensible input.
6. The scaffolded techniques must be listed by name and directly associated with the lesson body.
7. Avoid using YouTube videos.
8. Diversify assistive technology beyond SmartBoards and YouTube videos.
9. Materials must be referenced throughout the lesson.
10. One formal and one informal assessment must be included; avoid using worksheets.