Chapter 4 Sears Company VRIO framework and Internal Analysis Essay

Read questions carefully, and Answer questions below, no need outside sources.

Chapter 4 of Attached file can helps these questions, no quotes.

Answers should be specific and more details. And explain every single question,

1. What are the most important tangible resources your firm possesses? explain. Do not just report the value of assets listed in the annual report. Rather, study how the firm operates and think about what tangible resources you think are most important to that operation, explain. What do you think are the firm’s most important intangible resources? explain.

2. Now use the VRIO framework to identify the competitive position of your firm. Which, if any, of the resources listed in the previous answer are or could be helpful in creating and sustaining a competitive advantage for the firm? Does VRIO analysis remind you of assets you had not previously thought of? explain.

3. Do you see the firm trying to create any new core competences to create new competitive advantage? explain


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