Each team will choose a company that they will analyze during the course of the

Each team will choose a company that they will analyze during the course of the semester. You will need to do a comprehensive analysis of your chosen company. This should be a company that is well known in the public domain, its shares are traded publicly, and its information is publicly available. The project should integrate key concepts from the assigned chapters and are to examine how the concepts affect each of the following: absenteeism, employee turnover, organizational citizenship behavior, motivation, job satisfaction, and performance. Remember, the analysis has to be comprehensive and well-rounded. This will require you to carefully examine the company in terms of its problems, environment, and context. You haveto make an internal and external assessment of the company in terms of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Using concepts and principles covered in the course, you will write a detailed analysis.
Below you will find a guideline you can use to give structure to your paper. You do not have to address every topic, only the information you find on the publicly traded company of your choice.
Ch 1
What are the company’s goals?
What type of structure does it have?
How is the company adapting to the changes in workplace and workforce? Describe the company’s customer service culture
What role does innovation play in their goals and plans?
Is the company involved in corporate social responsibility?
Ch 2
Describe the company’s external environment
How does the company manage stakeholder relations? What’s the company’s organizational culture?
Ch 3
What is the company’s approach to globalization? Does the company have a code of ethics in place? How does the company handle workforce diversity?
Ch 5
Exhibit 5-3
SWOT Analysis
What is the company’s corporate strategy? What is the company’s competitive strategy? What are the company’s strategic weapons?
Ch 7
How does the company compensate their employees?
Ch 8
What kind of work-life balance programs does the company offer to its employees?
Ch 9
What does the company do to ensure job satisfaction among its employees?
Ch 11
How does the company keep its employees motivated?
Ch 12
What style of leadership does the organization follow?
Ch 13
How does the company effectively manage communication?
Ch 14
Do its financial ratios indicate good financial standing?
Ch 15
What is the organization’s approach to value chain management?

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