There are peer reviews based on given rubric: 1. There is no ethical framework

There are peer reviews based on given rubric:
1. There is no ethical framework directly mentioned, however the writer is weighing the harms faced by animals and humans. Most likely the writer is using a utilitarian framework.
2. The arguments that the author will use are
– There is not a practical reason to kill the doves
– Hunting is dangerous
3. One of the sources used is biased. The news article is not a fact or evidence, but is instead a direct statement made by animal rights activists. It states that they do not harm the environment. However, this statement needs to be proven with fact, instead of just being used as a blanket statement.
It would be stronger if the evidence showed that the doves are in fact not overpopulous with numbers. Additionally, it would be stronger if there was evidence as to why the birds are not good for food.
The other evidence provided is not biased, and comes from a scientific journal, and talks about the history of subsistence hunting in Brazil.
4. At some points, the writing is hard to follow and the information is not very well organized. Additionally, the author makes some broad claims that do not have evidence to back them up.
The writer considered the animal point of view and the human point of view.
The guidelines were followed for the most part, however I could not find some of the references that were cited in the text.
1. 1) states problem concisely but clearly 2) articulates a clear thesis sentence 3) foreshadows arguments that will be made After reading the intro the reader should know which position the writer will argue, and what arguments they will use to support their position.
2. The argument is logically presented, and fact based. It offers reasons and evidence. After reading the argument paragraphs, the reader can clearly understand the writer’s point of view, and understands the facts that underlie the argument. There are no logical fallacies.
3. At least 1 strong opposing argument is offered and refuted. The argument and the rebuttal are logically presented, and both are fact based. There are no logical fallacies.
4. Restates thesis. Ties together the paper. Does not include any new arguments.
Ethical framework: deontological point of view or utilitarian

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