Good evening, this assignment is a 2 part essay. In the 1st part, we have to pic

Good evening, this assignment is a 2 part essay. In the 1st part, we have to pick a subject related to social media’s advantages and disadvantages. In the second part, we have to include research to support the first part. I wrote a brief essay about the direction would like to go with the essay. today when going over what I wrote with my professor she advise me to omit most of paragraph #2 and focus on my own personal experiences with social and entrepreneurship the pro & cons and then add MLA citation. My personal experience with social media and entrepreneurship is when the pandemic started I opened two businesses 1st SB skin care LLC and the Bae ling xperience. I got a lot of tips and tricks from social media I’ve gained a following from making and selling homemade soaps (sb skincare) I vlog about my travels and try new restaurant experiences and meet a few new friends of their interactions. cons are sometimes feeling pressure seeing other entrepreneurs thriving and doing well in their businesses pros could be easy and free marketing. can add more pros and cons maybe one or two.
I can provide you with my student login info to use the library resources to incorporate the research. my paper is attached and can be completely rewritten. if you have any questions or need the login info please let me know.
Assignment instructions
Social Media Paper 1
Choose the topic which interests you: social media and personal communication, or social media and social justice.
Focus on a particular aspect of the topic. How can it bring us together or set us apart?
Personal Communication- privacy vs. access to many, group interaction vs.cyber bullying ,serious conversation vs. sound bites, ability to connect to with people around the world vs. need for in person interaction. Online support groups may also fall under personal communication in reference to mental health, and self esteem issues, or common interests that can be shared with new people. How can these be helpful? How can reliance on social media for these things issues be hurtful?
Social Justice- promoting causes, sharing strategies for change, outreach to different social groups, raising funds, and providing and sharing news about a particular cause. Dangers include posting misinformation vs. carefully researched truths, failing to give access to accurate news to people who use social media as a primary source of information. Racial Justice, environmental justice, gender equity are possible topics to consider.
You may think of others aspects to explore, but focus on one or two and then find specific examples to support your points. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of social media in each case.
Use extended examples which can be supported from your experience and research.

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