Hello, Im attaching: 1. Rules of the game 2. Analysis of the short story 3. Exa

Hello, Im attaching:
1. Rules of the game
2. Analysis of the short story
3. Example of essay
4. Some critical essays as a sources (you can choose another one)
Idea ( Mayby, you can change ) : The title Rules of the Game doesn’t just refer to the game of chess. Waverly learns to apply what she learns about chess to life as well. Think about how the lessons of chess, such as “the tactics between two adversaries are like clashing ideas,” and “It is a game of secrets in which one must show and never tell,” might also apply to other aspects of the story, such as family life, the life of Chinese immigrants in America, or life as a woman in a male-dominated society.
Elements for support the idea:
Point of view
Chess is symbol
Struggle with Chinese culture and immigrants
Your essay proposal must conform to the following conditions:
o It must be on a story and author you have not yet written on (either for your first
essay, or your mid-term essay)
o The finished essay must be approximately 800-1000 words in length, double-
spaced, in 12 pt. font, with personal and class information at the top
o The essay should have page numbers and a title that indicates what the essay is
actually about
o The essay must be a close-reading of 1-2 of our short stories with additional
academic research to support your argument.
o There must be a minimum of 4 academic sources that come from either a
scholarly text or an article from an academic journal. At least two of your sources
should be from literary critics. These sources should be directly quoted in your
paper – please do not just paraphrase them. No websites are allowed.
o All quotation formatting should be done according to MLA formatting guidelines
o You are free to develop your own thesis, or to choose one of the suggested
approaches below. If you develop your own approach, please check with me
before proceeding to the outline, research, and draft stages
o Essay proposals should be 1-2 pages in length with a short paragraph
outlining the research question being pursued, some academic resources that
have been consulted
o Next, you need to submit a rough essay outline that shows the major sections of
the argument with some supporting evidence and quotations (see the sample
o You may choose to develop a proposal on one of the short stories that we
have not yet covered, but your essay must focus on one of the selected
readings for this class
 Suggested approaches:
o Focus on structure of story, analyze character transformation, compare and
contrast two stories, discuss the significance of a writer’s literary style, investigate
the importance of symbolism in a story, use historical or social context to discuss
a story, or use one of the established literary theories (feminism, structuralism,
Marxist interpretation, etc.) to produce an argument about one of our texts

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1. Rules of the game
2. Analysis of the short story
3. Exa appeared first on Course Hero.