Human Resource Strategies on Employee Engagement Report/ Assignment Help

1 Strategic Human Resource Management and Employee Engagement Instruction The overall word limit is 2,000 words excluding references. Background You are the HR Director of a charity that provides services to people with mental health issues. The charity employs 2,000 people in a very wide range of occupations from cleaners to specialist professionals such as psychologists, counsellors and general managers at a number of geographical locations throughout the UK. Staff have been working under enormous pressure thanks to the pandemic. To date the charity has never held an attitude survey nor developed a strategy for engagement. However, they have always considered the staff to consist of primarily motivated and committed professionals who believe in the mission and ethos of the charity. This is: “We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect.” However, they are now experiencing problems with rising staff turnover and absence. They believe that people may be struggling to stay motivated in the face of rising workloads and more traumatic cases. They have recently identified two members of staff who may be suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder as a result of dealing with a number of difficult cases over the last 18 months. Your task As a result, they have brought you in as an HR consultant to advise on how they can maintain or even raise employee engagement whilst also maintaining their commitment to clients. You have been asked to prepare a report for the board of trustees suggesting how they might assess engagement levels and what strategies they might employ to address the issues they are experiencing. Your report should contain the following information. 1. What is employee engagement and how should it be defined and measured? (25%) 2. How should the charity go about developing a strategy for maintaining or increasing employee engagement levels? (25%) 3. What specific HR strategies, practices or initiatives would help in creating higher levels of employee engagement within the charity(25%)? 4. What are the potential risks or benefits for the charity in introducing your proposed employee engagement strategy? (25%) When preparing your report please note the following: 1. Write your report in full sentences not bullet points; although bullet points can be used occasionally if appropriate. 2. Make sure you draw on academic research and wider evidence in your report. You should refer to at least two theories and critically evaluate how they might inform an engagement strategy. 3. Make well argued recommendations for practice. 4. Include a full list of references using the Harvard system at the end of your report. These are not included in the word count. 1 5. Double space your document and

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