Describe whether or not the instrument can be used to measure patient response to therapy/treatment or if it is strictly for assessment and diagnosis.

Unit 3 Assignment – Clinical Preparation Tool Instructions Choose one diagnosis from the Bipolar and Related Disorders group American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. Scan pages 123 through 188 Overview As you will learn throughout the program, the diagnosis of a variety of psychiatric … Read more

Write a user guide for your visualizations explaining the purpose of each visualization and demonstrating how to use the custom metric and filter you included in the visualizations you created.

utilize the complete Strike Reports dataset as well as the list of Airports in United States of America dataset. Join the two datasets, the complete Strike Reports and the list of Airports in United States of America, to get each airport’s latitude and longitude. Create a new table that aggregates the data at the airport … Read more

What philosophers did the arguments in the book remind you of?

How did the book agree with and disagree with the conversations we had in PHI-101? What philosophers did the arguments in the book remind you of? How do your experiences align/contrast to the author’s? What were the strongest/weakest arguments in the book? What did you agree and disagree with? What stories/advice impacted you the most? … Read more

Discuss the different sets of values that come from the opposing sides. Conclusion.

Persuasive Essay OR Opposing Viewpoints paper Topic (Environment realted for instance, Green New Deal, global Warming, Fossil Fuel COnsumption, plastic, clean drinking water, ect.) 4-5 pages plus a reference page. 12-point font. Double-spaced. Students should go to the Ritz Library online. Click on “A-Z List of All Guides”. scroll down and click on “social Issues”. … Read more

Maternal Child – Nursing assignment writers

Maternal Child Purpose of Assignment This assignment will help to identify the normal growth and development by topic for each age group. In the final column of the assignment you need to observe a child and apply the information you gathered and document your findings in comparison by the particular age of that child. Competency … Read more

Abnormal Psychology in the News

The problem set for this module is the first part of a 50-point paper, described below. Paper 1: Abnormal Psychology in the News While topics in abnormal psychology almost daily make the news, reporters do not always present research results in an accurate manner. Your task in this paper is to find a newspaper or … Read more