Please answer the questions below. Thank you! Makayla Timmer was pondering a ver

Please answer the questions below. Thank you!
Makayla Timmer was pondering a very important decision about her future. She had several job offers, and was trying to decide which one to take. It simply was not clear to her.
One of these job offers was with Amazon. Amazon had experienced very rapid growth over the past decade as the world’s largest e-commerce presence. They had hundreds of locations across the U.S., and were expanding globally. There was the potential to get preferential access to jobs at its affiliated companies, including Zappos and Kiva Robotics. The job would definitely involve spending some time as a distribution center supervisor, with long hours the months of November and December, preparing for and responding to the Christmas holidays. The total salary and benefits package was very competitive, the location flexible with many good spots and some less attractive locations throughout the U.S. After a training period, Makayla would become a warehouse team lead. Makayla was excited about Amazon’s fast growth rate, its great global image, and its dynamic and aggressive approach to adapting to new technologies. Amazon had been consistently rated as one of the “Most Admired Companies” by Fortune and the top three supply chains by the Gartner Group. However, Makayla did not like the fact that Amazon did not talk much about its sustainability, and its shipping many boxes to customers and huge distribution centers were probably not the greatest for the environment. In addition, Amazon’s relatively poor financial performance (due to many investments in future technology and warehouse space) also concerned Makayla.
Makayla’s other top offer was from Nestlé USA. Nestlé is headquartered in Switzerland, with the USA headquarters in California, near the Bay Area, which Makayla thinks is pretty cool. The pay is comparable to Amazon’s, though she knows the cost of living would be higher. Nestlé has a rotation program and formal mentoring. One of her rotations will be as a warehouse supervisor/team lead, and the other two could be in areas such as purchasing, operations, analytics, forecasting, and related areas. It is a more structured progression, with some travel opportunity. The company is well known for solid performance over many decades in terms of its products, its image, and its response to ethical situations. Its awesome products include Digiorno®, the #1 frozen pizza brand, California Pizza Kitchen®, Häagen-Dazs ice cream, Nestlé candy, and more! Nestlé has been in the top of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for Consumer Foods for several years. It has also been named one of “The World’s Most Admired Food Companies” in Fortune magazine for fifteen consecutive years.
Take a look at the table above, which lists the desirable characteristics of a job for millennials. From your perspective, which of these jobs fits those characteristics better? Be prepared to share your reasoning.
Think of the challenges facing logistics: people, resources, and technology. Which company do you think would be most negatively affected by additive technologies, and why? If you think neither would be, explain why. Would either benefit?
Go to each company’s website and look at their recruiting/careers links. Are they in tune with millennials? Which one do you think is more in tune?
If they both offered you a job, and you HAD to choose between them, which one would you pick based on the information available, and after looking at their career recruiting page? Why?

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