Please reply to A should be a minimum of 200 words in length. A Selecting the Au

Please reply to A should be a minimum of 200 words in length.
Selecting the Audience
How do select an audience? First what is your topic and then who would best benefit from the information that is being presented? Then ask yourself where you will be presenting the presentation and why (Harvey, n.d.)? To answer these questions for my presentation is my topics was either going to be about Heart Failure or Addiction. Once I secured the Coventry Resource and Senior Center for my site, I knew my topic was going to be on Heart Failure. Why I chose my topic Heart Failure, is that my target audience are of the older adult population who are at high risk for Heart Failure and they would benefit the most from my presentation. Coventry, Rhode Island has the highest rate of heart disease in the state, hypertension 81.8%, heart attack 6.7%, ischemic heart disease 51.7%, congested heart failure 27.4%, and atrial fibrillation 15.5% (Tufts Health Plan Foundation, 2016). My process and criteria for choosing my audience was based on who, what why and where but not in that order. I had a couple of topics in mind but I had to know where my presentation will be before I knew who my audience will be made up of mostly. Once I knew where and who my audience will primarily be then I knew what my topic is and why this topic is important to be presented.
My personal connections to my target audience are that it is going to benefit the community that I live in. Until I did my Community Health Nursing I + II class I did not realize how much my community center does for my community. I enjoy working with people who are in a personal setting, I did homecare for many years and helped a lot of people connect with their senior center for many reasons such as resources, social support, services that they may need once they are discharged from Home Care Services. I did not work in my home town so I did not realize how much they offered to my community. As a professional nurse I know how helpful education can be to patients about their diseases/illnesses and the information does not need to be all medical terminology, layman terms are the best, along with demonstration with return demonstration by the patient so you know they understand what you showed them. It can be as simple as deep breathing techniques, so many people do it wrong so by showing them an easy way to do it right. Having the patient do a return demonstration shows me they understand what I taught them and they may need a little more instruction to be able to do it properly. I always tell them (when I am about to show how to do diaphragmatic breathing) now you get to see how big my belly is. They usually laugh a little, it breaks the ice so they do not feel on the spot when I ask them to do it.
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Please reply to B should be a minimum of 200 words in length.
There are many processes and different criteria’s that will play a part when deciding what target audience will be the focus of the topic of health promotion and prevention that will be discussed in the presentation. The topic discussed in the presentation is the prevalence of stroke in the underserved community. Stroke can be caused by many different co-morbidities with hypertension being one of highest. Some of the contributors can be social economic, poverty, financial and social status, as well as education, literacy, and underprivileged (Elrond & Fortenberry, 2017).
There are many different contributors that have played into the target audience of choice for my project. My professional reason for choosing stroke as my main topic is because I have cared for many patients with acute strokes and have also seen how debilitating this disease process can be to many, especially the older adults and geriatric patients. I have been a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Catheterization, and Neuro-Interventional Nurse for many years. This has made me realized how many people that had a stroke has either undiagnosed or untreated hypertension, which has contributed to the progression in their diseases processes.
Also, my personal reason is my mother had hypertension and an acute fatal stroke two years ago because she did not take her diagnosis of hypertension serious. My mother also was born and raised in Camden, NJ, and she was able to witness the drastic changes that occurred over the years. It is important for individuals to be aware of the implications that stroke can be life changing and altering, and can be a result of untreated co-morbidities. As stated by Heflin, et al, 2022, the social economics and chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes can be life altering for older adults. These are the main contributors to morbidity and mortality in many older adults in the United States today that is also a precursor to acute stokes.
The target audience that has been chosen for my presentation is to speak to individuals that reside in assisted livings. The older adults and geriatric patients are at higher risk for stroke, because they tend to have more contributing co-morbidities. Educating this population on the modifiable and non modifiable risk factors for stroke can help this population understand the importance of making sure they are following up with their primary care teams, taking their medications, and following a healthy diet and lifestyle (Upoyo et al., 2021).
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