PPH10302T: Calculate The Quantity Of Medication Needed To Be Dispensed For The Patient And How Much Should The Patient Be Charged By The Cashier: Pharmacy Practice I Assignment,

PPH10302T: Pharmacy practice I

Question 1

Calculate the quantity of medication needed to be dispensed for the patient. How much should the patient be charged by the cashier?

Question 2

How many tablets for each drug should you dispense for the patient? Indicate the drug classification for each medication dispensed.

Question 3

How many mL of an injection containing 250 mg of aminophylline in each 10 mL should be used in filling a medication order calling for 15 mg of aminophylline? State the indication for aminophylline.

Question 4

The recommended maintenance dose of the BECLOVENT® inhaler is 100mcg administered twice daily. The commercial inhaler delivers 50mcg per metered inhalation and contains 200 inhalations. How many inhalers should be dispensed to a patient if a 60-day supply is prescribed? Also, identify the active ingredient of the medication.

Question 5

How many bottles do we need to dispense for this order?