LAW034: You Are The Renowned Constitutional Law Expert In The Country And Have A Column In A Local Daily: Introduction To Legal Theories Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia

LAW034: Introduction to Legal Theories


You are the renowned constitutional law expert in the country and have a column in a local daily. The Peoples Daily Below are the issues that are happening in your country

a) Jojo. an environmentalist was recently arrested under the Sedition Act 1948 for making an allegation in a press conference against the government for allowing indiscriminate logging on the hills which caused a flood that destroyed thousands of houses and properties He alleged that the government office is ‘infested with corrupted officials who are fed by the cronies* and he urged the people to use against the government by organizing a demonstration to topple the government He was charged and sentenced to two (2) years Imprisonment

b) Kiki is an employee at a company Due to her criticism against the management for several wrongdoings committed by the directors she was immediately sacked without being given proper notice and hearing In fact she was not allowed to challenge the management’s decision to sack her

c) In a landmark case the High Court had refused to award damages to Lela a former teacher for the wrongful termination of being pregnant while she was employed as a temporary clerk at a government department

Discuss each of the above issues from the perspectives of freedom justice and equality respectively