Read: Wong et al. (2021): Chapter 13 Book Chapter 13 – Wong, D. W., Hall, K. R.

Read: Wong et al. (2021): Chapter 13
Book Chapter 13 –
Wong, D. W., Hall, K. R., & Hernandez, L. W. (2020).
Counseling Individuals Through the Lifespan (2nd Edition). SAGE Publications,
Inc. (US).
The student will post one thread between 400-500 words by
11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday of the assigned Module: Week. Students must support
their assertions with at least 2 scholarly
citations in current APA format, as well as 1 biblical
principle. Any sources cited must have been
published within the last five years. Acceptable sources
include peer reviewed journal articles.
Looking at human development from a Biblical/Christian
standpoint as something that occurs across the lifetime, then we cannot ignore
the fact that human development is still occurring at end of life. Many times,
those who are dying find comfort in their faith and spirituality. Christians,
for example, know that believers will have eternal life after earthly death
(John 3:16, KJV). The Association for Death Education and Counseling Code of
Ethics (2010) seeks to address ethical issues associated with the fragile and
complicated process of death and dying.
Discuss the challenges and implications of elderhood. Then,
read through The Code of Ethics for the Association for Death Education and
Counseling and highlight two specific responsibilities that a counselor has
when counseling someone in the end stages of life. Detail these
responsibilities and discuss why they are important.
Notes about the video_ Grief – Joanne Brooks
emotional aspects of grief
stages of grief
Having your own experience changes perspective
Physical aspect of grief
The brain sometimes doesn’t take it when the loss is suddenly
physical aspect of grieving takes over
Physically our body reacts and throws you down
chock mode, crying, surreal moment
as counselor we need to respect that fact people will
respond in different ways
Pragmatic mode when we digest the emotions and organize
fogginess of thinking
energy level drops
lack of energy, you choose just to breath
heal from the trauma of losing someone you love suddenly
Learn how-to walk-through life without the person you lost
Feelings of Denial, sadness, anger, acceptance
your body start to adjust
Intimacy with God in order to make it through

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Book Chapter 13 –
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