This assignment aligns with the following course objective: Explain the terminol

This assignment aligns with the following course objective:
Explain the terminology, concepts, and ethics fundamental to research design and methodology.
Compose written reports of research in appropriate APA style.
Design and conduct research projects.
Present research designs and results to others in class.
This assignment has more focused course and skill-based learning objectives:
Collaborate and provide feedback to colleagues.
Evaluate the work of fellow research psychologists.
Incorporate feedback from fellow research psychologists and receive direction for editing for final paper.
This rough draft is to get you started on the final sections of your final APA paper, specifically the abstract, results, and discussion sections! Please note the full instructions for these sections and relevant resources on the APA Final Paper page.
The peer review activity we’ll do for our rough drafts is designed to give you the opportunity to read the work of others in the class and provide constructive feedback. Further, you will receive feedback on your draft. Use this feedback as information and guidance when moving forward with your edits for your final paper!
PLAGIARISM CHECKER: When you upload your rough draft #2, it will be run through Turnitin.
Turnitin will check for plagiarism and give you feedback prior to submitting your final APA paper. Plagiarism in the APA final paper will not be tolerated and will result in you receiving a 0% on the paper (see the syllabus for more information regarding academic misconduct).
PEER REVIEW SESSION: Our peer review session will occur this week! Peer review assignments will be made available by Friday (5/6) and will be due Sunday (5/8). For our peer review activity you will be:
Providing constructive feedback. You will be providing constructive feedback using a peer review document (click here). Your comments in the peer review document should be uploaded in two places:
First, attach this document in your peer’s comments (paper clip under the comment box).
Second, your peer review comments should be uploaded as a separate assignment so you can receive points for participating and providing constructive feedback to your classmate.

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Explain the terminol appeared first on Skilled Papers.