A. P. Tureaud

John J. McKeithen

Leander Perez

Only use these 3 sources ^^^
In this week’s readings from 64parishes you were introduced to three historical figures, all of whom were influential in Louisiana during the modern Civil Rights movement. In this reflection you should do the following:
1. Explain who each of these historical figures were: A.P. Tureaud, Leander Perez, John McKeithen
2. Explain the relationship each of these figures had to the modern (mid-20th century) Civil Rights movement.
3. People often say that someone is on the wrong or the right side of history as regards a given historical issue. Is that a useful phrase in evaluating these figures? Whether you answer yes or no, explain why. If you answer no, is there some other formulation or way of understanding the positions each one of these men took in relationship to one of the most important social movements of the times in which they lived and wielded influence over events in Louisiana?
4. As you conclude, make your own observation(s) about how you evaluate the impact of the modern Civil Rights movement on Louisiana’s History in the 20th century.

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