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While life’s experiences teach great lessons, our learning from literature’s vicarious portrayals is also instructive. Human behavior is very complicated. The quandary presented by Dr. Harper and her relatives and patients makes us aware that the morality inherent in human relationships does not always produce happy-ever-after relationships.
Page xiii—Par. 2—Introduction—Dr. Harper says that “uncertainty grew opportunity”, that after losses and starting over personally and professionally, that when “everything she counted on had come to an abrupt end”, that she had to “reevaluate her life” and that she found opportunities in doing so. Describe a time in your life that you felt much as Dr. Harper did, when her marriage failed and she moved to begin a new job in a new city and in every aspect of her life, started over. What caused you to start over, and what did you learn about life and yourself from this experience?
Page xiii-Par. 3—Introduction—Dr. Harper mentions that “in the Japanese art of Kinstsukuroi, one repairs broken pottery by filling in the cracks with gold, silver, or platinum.” Describe a time in your life, or in a relative’s or a friend’s life, when you or someone close to you “has been made more beautiful for [the] imperfections.” What eventual positive results came from the previous hardships?
Page xiv-Par. 2—Introduction–Dr. Harper states that her difficult life experiences, including those in hospital emergency rooms, have “shown [her] where the center is, This center is where we find the sturdy roots of insight that can’t be windthrown by passing storms”. Have you found that your most difficult life experiences have made you sturdier? Stronger? More prepared for dealing with subsequent stressful situations.? If so, share a time that was challenging and what insight/s you have gained from the obstacles you have faced.

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